Constitution - Thursday, 2nd May, 2019

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Part 1 - The Constitution pdf icon PDF 222 KB

The summary and explanation


Part 2 - The Articles of the Constitution pdf icon PDF 877 KB

The 15 Articles of the Constitution, which set out the basic rules governing the Council's business. The articles refer to more detailed procedures and codes of practice which are set out in separate rules and protocols contained in other parts of the constitution.  Copies of the job descriptions for the Corporate Management Team (CMT) are appended.


Additional documents:


Part 3 - Responsibility for Functions pdf icon PDF 581 KB

A schedule of Responsible for Functions, which shows who or which body takes decisions.  The Scheme of Delegation to Officers is appended.


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Part 4 - Rules of Procedure pdf icon PDF 10 KB

The detailed Rules of Procedure,which the Council follows.


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Part 5 - Codes and Protocols pdf icon PDF 126 KB

The Codes of Practice and Protocols, which the Council has adopted.

Additional documents:


Part 6 - Members' Allowance Scheme pdf icon PDF 210 KB

The scheme for the payment of allowances to the members of the Council.



Part 7 - Management Structure pdf icon PDF 164 KB

A chart of the Management Structure, which shows how the officers of the Borough Council are organised.



Part 8 - Councillors' Contact Details

Details for Members of the Councils can be found at the following link; Your Councillors | Boston Borough Council


Part 9 - Membership of Committees pdf icon PDF 176 KB

Document showing the membership of the Council’s Committees and their  political balance where appropriate.


Part 10 - Programme of Meetings pdf icon PDF 139 KB

The programme of meetings for 2023/24.