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This page lists the meetings for Constitution.


Information about Constitution

The council has agreed this constitution, which sets out how the council operates.

It also sets out how decisions are made and the procedures which are followed to ensure that the council is efficient, transparent, and accountable to local people.

Some of these processes are required by law, whilst others are a matter for the council to choose.

What's in the constitution?

There are several parts to the constitution.

Part 1 is the summary.

Part 2 of the constitution is divided into 15 articles which set out the basic rules governing the council's business. The articles refer to more detailed procedures and codes of practice which are set out in separate rules and protocols contained in other parts of the constitution.

Article 1 sets out the purpose of the Constitution, which is to ensure that the Council functions effectively, efficiently, transparently and accountably, in partnership with and to the benefit of, the local community, delivering high quality services and striving for continuous improvement.

Articles 2 - 15 explain the rights of citizens and how the key parts of the council operate. The following list shows the subject matter of each of these articles:

  • Article 2 - Members of the Council
  • Article 3 - Residents and the Council
  • Article 4 - The Council
  • Article 5 - The Mayor and Chairing the Council
  • Article 6 - Overview and Scrutiny Committees
  • Article 7 - The Leader and Cabinet Executive
  • Article 8 - Committees and Sub-Committees of Council
  • Article 9 - Area Committees and Forums
  • Article 10 - Joint Arrangements
  • Article 11 - Officers
  • Article 12 - Decision Making and allocation of functions between the Council and Cabinet
  • Article 13 - Finance, Contracts and Legal Matters
  • Article 14 - Review and Revision of the Constitution
  • Article 15 - Suspension, Interpretation and Publication of the Constitution

In Part 3 there is a schedule of responsibilities which shows who or which body takes decisions.

In Part 4 are the 8 sets of detailed rules of procedure which the council follows.

Part 5 contains the 6 codes of practice and protocols which the council has adopted.

Part 6 sets out the scheme for the payment of allowances to the members of the council.

Part 7 explains how the officers of the borough council are organised.

Part 8 & 9 have been added to show the membership of the council's committees, members' contact details and the programme of the meetings.