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Change of use of an existing detached dwelling house (Class C3) to form a hotel (Class C1), including interal alterations


The Firs, West End Road, Wyberton, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 7LL


Mr A Arundell


Change of use of an existing detached dwelling house (Class C3) to form a hotel (Class C1). Incease the height of the previously approved side extension (B/17/0140) by 1m.

The Firs  West End Road  Wyberton  Boston  PE21 7LL

Mr A Arundell


The Growth Manager presented the report to the committee providing updates following issue of the report she confirmed that an objection had been received as follows: 

from Laburnum House West End Road “we wish to object to the proposed application we have already been impacted by light pollution from the car park which has been made in the adjacent field ready for the proposed hotel.  We had to install a black-out blind in our daughters’ room due to the lights being on all night.  The adjacent field which the car park is being built in had always been water logged in the winter and this last winter was standing in water for quite a few months.  We have also had to rely on a septic tank to deal with sewage and waste water as this part of west end road does not have mains sewage.  This can be an issue in winter when the land is water logged”.


The Growth Manager then referred members to the heading flood risk and drainage para.7.30 in the report she noted that it stated the property was connected to Anglian Water main sewage pipe in West End Road. 


Representation was received from the applicant Mr Arundell which included:


Stating he wished to recognise the concerns of the local residents Mr Arundell confirmed he had read the letters received and summarised the objections as no demand for a hotel, unsuitable location and visual impact, increased traffic and noise, drainage and flooding and privacy and loss of property value.  Address the points Mr Arundell noted that there was significant need for another hotel in Boston as searches for accommodation on the website substantiated.  Hotels encouraged tourism and boosted the local economy allowing guests to stay in Boston:  the local businesses also benefitted as guests visited the town.   Referencing concerns about visual impact members were advised that the windows on the side of the extension which faced the neighbours were lower and the fence from the new plan was 1.8 metres.  Guests would be unable to look out onto neighbours gardens.  Noting the impact of traffic and noise Mr Arundell stated his guests would complain if there was noise and you could also be subject to bad reviews on social media bookings sites.  The car park was built away from the hotel in the middle of the field and there would be trees for screening around the cars.  With a potential additional 20 cars it would not generate excessive traffic on what it a busy road.    Addressing issue of flooding members were advised that the field did have old land drains in it but new drains were being fitted.  There was a dyke down the side of the field which piped through to a large culvert at the top allowing easy drainage of the water.  Mr Arundell confirmed he was connected to main drains and Anglian Water had objected to the application.  The loss of property value was not a planning consideration however the Quay Side Hotel was next to residential property off London Road and Mr Arundell having spoken to a local valuer stated he considered housing priced had not been impacted by the hotel.


It was moved by Councillor Brian Rush and seconded by Councillor Jonathan Noble that committee grant the application in line with officer recommendation, subject to the conditions and reasons therein plus an additional condition in respect of light pollution and an additional condition to restrict the use of the property to a hotel only.


Vote:      In Favour. 12        Against 0.      Abstention:  0.


RESOLVED:   That committee grant the application in line with officer recommendation subject to the following reasons and conditions:


1             The development hereby permitted shall be begun before the expiration of three years from the date of this permission. 

Reason:  Required to be imposed pursuant to Section 51 of the Planning and Complsory Purchase Act 2004.


2          The development hereby permitted shall be carried out in accordance with the following approved plans;


§  Ref: 17-2384-P-03 - Location plan scale 1/1250 (1/4)

§  Ref: 17-2384-P-01 Rev. E -  Block Plan, floor plans, elevations and

    sections ref       B/3130-02 Rev A (2b/4)

§  Ref: 17-2384-P-04 - Landscaping Specification (3/4)


Reason:  To ensure the development is undertaken in accordance with the approved details and to accord with Adopted Local Plan Policy G1.


3          The development permitted by this planning permission shall be carried out in accordance with the approved Flood Risk Assessment by RM Associates dated (September 2018) and the following mitigation measures detailed within the Flood Risk Assessment:


§  The finished floor level of the building raised to no less than 500mm

    above existing ground level.

§  Demountable defences to a height of 600mm to cover all ground floor



            The mitigation measures shall be fully implemented prior to occupation and subsequently remain in place.


            Reason:  To reduce the risk of flooding to the proposed development and future occupants and to accord with the objectives of Local Plan Policy H3 and the objectives of the National Planning Policy Framework 2018.


4        Before the development is bought into us, any external lighting to be

          provided to facilitate the development shall be submitted to and agreed

          in writing by the Local Planning Authority.  Any lighting subsequently 

          installed shall be in accordance with the approved details and shall be

          retained as such.


          Reason:   To ensure the amenity of adjoining residents and the locality of

          the area is protected in accordance with Policy G1 of the Boston

          Borough Local Plan 1999.


5         Nonwithstanding the provisions of Article 3 of the Town and Country

           Planning Use Classes Order 1987 and Schedule 2 of the own and

           Country Planning  (General Permitted Development) (England) Order

           2015 (or any orders revoking or re-enacting these Orders) this

           permission shall only permit the use of the development as a C1 Hotel

           and for no other uses  within that use class or as permitted within the

           above legislation.


           Reason:   To enable the Local Planning Authority to fully consider the

           effects of development normally permitted by these Orders in the

           interest of protecting the residential amenity of adjoining occupiers in

           accordance with Policy D1 of the Welwyn Hatfield District Plan 2005.


It is recorded that Councillor Michael Cooper returned to the meeting at this point in the proceedings.


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