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Outline application for residential development (up to 4 dwellings) with all matters reserved for later approval.


Land west of Millview, Donington Road, Kirton End, Boston, PE20 1NX


Mr Carl Bates


Outline application for residential development (up to 4 dwellings) with all matters reserved for later approval.


Land west of Millview  Donington Road  Kirton End  Boston  PE20 1NX


Mr Carl Bates


The Senior Planning Officer presented the report and confirmed one update to the report tabled.  The Black Sluice Drainage Board had responded confirming they had no objection to the application subject to the addition of a condition for the disposal of surface water.


Representation was received for Mr Dwan the agent, on behalf of the applicant which included:


The applicant had looked at and taken into account the comments of the committee when it had refused the initial application in November 2018.  The new application had reduced the development to only 4 dwellings with good separation distances which was not over development of that site.   The development would complement the existing ribbon development already established along Kirton End and create a harmonious continuation of the street scene.   Members were asked to recognise the small number of objections and to also consider the objections from the KEROTD group, and that within that representation there was no identification of the number of members of the group:  it could be a single objector or numerous.  Committee were also asked to note the new NPPF and the shift in policy in respect of statutory.  Mr Dwan confirmed that should the application tabled be granted, the appeal already in place for the previous refusal would be withdrawn.


It was moved by Councillor Brian Rush and seconded by Councillor Paul Skinner that committee grant the application contrary to officer recommendation due to the Borough’s lack of a five year housing supply.


In Favour:    4.      Against:   6.       Abstentions: 1.


Resolved:  The motion fell.


It was moved by Councillor Jonathan Noble and seconded by Councillor Stephen Woodliffe that committee refuse the application in line with officer recommendation subject to the reasons detailed therein:


In Favour:    6.      Against:   4.       Abstentions: 1.


Resolved:  That committee refuse the application for the following reasons:


1.         The application site is essentially located outside of the settlement boundary of Kirton End as defined in the Boston Borough Local Plan (1999) and the South East Lincolnshire Local Plan (2011-2036) and within an area defined as ‘countryside’. This development will extend the built up area of the village creating an awkward and alien encroachment within this flat, rural landscape. The development would also consolidate the surrounding urban environment with the existing residential and commercial development to the west and the resultant effect would substantially erode the character and appearance of the countryside and open rural landscape. This scheme will therefore promote an unsustainable pattern of development in this area and any benefits the development may provide relating to the supply of housing in the area and local economic benefits would be significantly and demonstrably outweighed by its adverse effects. The application is therefore contrary to the objectives of Local Plan Policies C01, G1 and G2, Policy 1 of the emerging South East Lincolnshire Local Plan and the environmental dimension of sustainable development as contained within  the National Planning Policy Framework (2018).


             Refused drawing numbers


·         Location plan ref 18.079 S01.01 Rev C

·         Indicative block plan ref 18.079 S03.02 Rev B

·         Indicative proposed elevations  ref 18.079 S03.01 Rev B


In determining this application the authority has taken account of the guidance in paragraph 38 of the National Planning Policy Framework 2018 in order to seek to secure sustainable development that improves the economic, social and environmental conditions of the Borough.


Supporting documents: