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Full Planning Application


Proposed two storey dwelling for an essential worker


Lincolnshire Firewood & Coal, The Plantation, Rowdyke Road, Wyberton, Boston PE21 7AQ



Proposed two storey dwelling for an essential worker          

Lincolnshire Firewood & Coal, The Plantation, Rowdyke Road,                                   Wyberton, Boston PE21 7AQ


The Planning Officer presented the report and confirmed it had been called to committee by Councillor Austin on the grounds of environmental sustainability and in support of the expansion of a local business.

The proposal was for a two storey dwelling for an essential worker for Lincolnshire Firewood and Coal on Rowdyke Road in Wyberton. The application site consisted of a section of land located on the northern side of Rowdyke Road in Wyberton which was within the countryside. The site was located within the ownership of Lincolnshire Firewood and Coal which consisted of various industrial buildings and biomass boilers. The site was located to the west of Holly Lodge. Access would be taken from Rowdyke Road via an existing access which runs down the side of Holly Lodge. The site was located within Flood Zone 3

The relevant history of the site was noted as follows:

B/16/0440 - Application under s.73(a) to vary Condition 1 on planning approval B/14/0038 to enable Holly Lodge to be occupied by any employee of Lincolnshire Firewood and Coal. Approved 24th February 2017.

B/15/0252 - Application under Section 73 for the removal of condition 4 of B/08/0491 (i.e. agricultural habitation condition). Refused 8th September 2015.

B/14/0038 - Application for the variation of Condition 4 attached to permission B/08/0491 (Four bedroom house with detached garage) to allow for additional occupants of the dwelling. Approved 1st April 2014.

B/08/0491 - Four bedroom house with detached garage. Approved 17th October 2008.


Representation was received by the agent and the applicant which included:


Mr Giles Crust addressed the meeting and pointed out that there were two omissions from the report tabled.  The first being a new residential property as pointed out by the planning officer which was Holly Lodge.  Since approval of that application the business had quadrupled and the company had implemented a strict no lone working policy. The second application missing was for the shed at Rowdyke road. The house within the application would not be seen in open country side as it would be between the hedge and next to the shed which was the same size as the house 30ml x 18m w x 9mh.   No objections had been received from  Parish Council.    Mr Evan Jenkins addressed the meeting and said it was essesntial they had people to maintain the site at night,  the staff come to the yard and it was a ten minute job to regulate the kilns and that is why housing was provided on site. Mr Jenkins advised he lived on the site and took his turn in regulating the kilns but he needed to have other staff on site to ensure that somebody was always in attendance. .


Councillor Richard Austin the Ward Member made representation to the committee which included:

Lincolnshire Firewood was a sustainable, thriviing and expanding business and the deciion by committee today would have an effect on that.  There had been no objections on grounds of environmental sustainability and expansion of local business.  The company had an important role to play in the reducation of Boston’s carbon footprint  Members were asked to note there were three material consideration for approval.  Health and safety, viability and economic consideration.  Lone working had been implemented following the death of a lone worker at another site.  During busy periods the manager needed to be on site all the time with a 2.5hour cycle out of normal working hours.  A three man team was required to ensure two were always available and both must be near the job.  The business was home grown and what Boston was striving to encourage.  


At this point in the proceedings members tabled questions in respect of the representation made by Mr. Crust and Mr. Jenkins who provided the following response:

There were currently two other residential dwellings on the site and when one of the operators was on holiday it left only one person on the site.  Whilst a canteen was on site, shift patterns were not in place as the checks only took ten minutes and it would not be practical to introduce a night shift.

The Government had introduced a new scheme last year which meant the product went in the kilns for longer resulting in the kilns needing to run hotter which burnt less fuel and the kilns required more regular monitoring.

The kilns could not be automated.

The shed once constrcuted would accommodate tractors and straw.

The source of the fire which arose on the site previously had not been identified due to the severity of burn making no identification possiible.


Committee deliberation followed which included:

Concern was noted by a number of members at the lack of information within the application which was being identifed during the discussions with the applicant and agent and which members deemed to be of a material consideration.  Members noted that they were not comfortable in determing the application with so much key information missing inclduing sight of a business plan, sight of a flood risk assessment, reference to the fire and there was a need for more justification for the dwelling in respect of the operation of the business.  Furthermore members sought clarification on the siting of the shed on the site and also dentificaiton of any optional sites within the grounds for the dwelling. 


It was moved by Councillor Barrie Pierpoint and seconded by Councillor Alison Austin that the application be deferred to enable the applicant to submit an amended application which addressed all the issues raised to allow an informed decision to me made.


In Favour:  10.                Against:  0                   Abstention:  1


It is recorded that Councillor Claire Rylott left the meeting prior to the vote being taken.


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