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A report by the Insights and Transformation Manager.


The Portfolio Holder presented the report and confirmed that it set out the key performance indicators at the end of June 2023. The report was historic in its content and members were assured they would see a positive improvement when quarter 2 reporting was tabled to the committee.

Where a service was indicated as red additional commentary was provided to give greater context to the reason. 

Noting the indicators for homelessness the Portfolio Holder advised that it was a very difficult area for the team to monitor, due to the ongoing movement of people between areas resulting it difficulties in maintaining contact.  Furthermore the Portfolio Holder praised the increased uptake of swims by residents at the GMLP and also the improved corporate target in respect of staff wellbeing


Member comment followed which included:

In response to a number of questions raised the Portfolio Holder advised that in relation to the cluster of red indicators which appeared to indicate that timeliness was the issue, they would be pursuing the matter with the Chief Executive to get a better understanding as to why vacancies were held, putting pressure on co-workers. Referencing concerns of late planning decisions, members were advised that the additional time allowance was often attributed to the applicant or agent requiring the extension of time, and not necessarily due to the planning department. In response to a query from a member who queried if the number of red indicators out was the usual percentage for the quarter reporting, the Portfolio Holder confirmed that the report tabled 61 KPI’s of which 31 were trend indicators. Of the 30 target measures, 20 were either on target or better than target. Those in the red were all subject to remedial action being taken to address the issues and Quarter 2 reporting would show significant improvements. In addition the Insights and Transformation Manager confirmed they had not monitored the percentages historically but would look at them, they also noted that not all indicators were the same and that none of the red indicators were giving any cause for concern due to the action being taken to address them.

Following notification by a member of issues raised in respect of migrants being housed in local accommodation, the Portfolio Holder confirmed they would have a meeting with the member outside of the committee meeting to address the issues in greater detail.

Concerns were noted by a number of members at the consequences of homelessness on the town itself, and in specific areas including around Crown House where there were high incidents of human defection, causing a significant and negative impact on the town.   Members recognised that not all homeless people wanted to be re-homed, with a percentage preferring to live on the streets with many presenting with a number of issues including substance and alcohol addiction and mental health issues.  The Assistant Director – Regulatory and Lead Officer for the committee advised he would take the concerns in respect of the incidents and areas identified forward to his respective colleagues within the Council to look into the issues in greater detail and to keeping the site(s) clean.


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