Agenda and minutes

Planning Committee - Tuesday, 6th June, 2023 10.00 am

Venue: Committee Room Municipal Bulding West Street Boston

Contact: Karen Rist, Democratic Services Officer  Phone: 01205 314226 E-mail:


No. Item



To receive apologies for absence and notification of substitutes (if any).


Apologies were tabled by Councillor David Scoot, Councillor Anne Dorrian substituting for Councillor Scoot.

It is recorded that Councillor Barrie Pierpoint supported the Chairman in the role of Vice Chairman in the absence of Councillor Scoot


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To sign and confirm the minutes of the last meeting.


With no quorum of members from the previous meeting, the Chairman signed the minutes as seen.



To receive declarations of interests in respect of any item on the agenda.


Standing declarations of interest are tabled for members of the Planning Committee who are also a:


Member of Lincolnshire County Council:

Councillor Alison Austin


Member of the South East Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee:

Councillors:  Peter Bedford, Anne Dorrian and David Middleton.


Representatives of the Drainage Boards:

Councillors Peter Bedford, David Middleton, Chris Mountain, Claire Rylott, David Scoot, Helen Staples and Suzanne Welberry.


Councillor Dale Broughton declared that he had received communications from the applicant of planning application B 23 0052 but would determine the application with an open mind on the evidence presented at the meeting.


Councillor Peter Bedford declared the Mr Giles Crust was known to him but he confirmed he would determine the respective applications B 23 0005 and B 22 0491 with an open mind.


Councillor Helen Staples declared that Mr David Smith the applicant for planning application B 23 0052 was known to her as a resident of Fishtoft she felt able to consider the application with an open mind on the information presented.


Councillor Anne Dorrian declared that she felt she may have met the applicant for planning application B 22 0491 when potentially purchasing a festive tree from his facility and further that she may have met Mr Giles Crust during the term of Councillor Brian Rush’s mayoralty, but she was able to determine each application on which he was speaking with a clear mind.





To answer any written questions received from members of the public no later than 5 p.m. two clear working days prior to the meeting – for this meeting the deadline is 5 p.m. on Thursday 1st June 2023


None tabled.



Full Planning Permission                    


Proposed siting of 4no. Static Holiday Caravans


The Chestnuts, Green Lane, Algarkirk, Boston PE20 2AD

Additional documents:


Proposed siting of 4no. static holiday caravans          

The Chestnuts, Green Lane, Algarkirk, Boston PE20 2AD

Mr Tim Woodcock, Barn Dried Logs


The Deputy Development Manager presented the report confirming that the item had been called in for consideration by the Planning Committee by Councillor Aaron Spencer on the basis that the proposal would promote rural tourism and therefore should not be refused.

The application site measured approximately 0.38 hectares, and was located between Red Barn Lane and the A16. It contained a mixed-species copse of semi-mature trees, the external boundaries of which were defined by earth-bunds of between approximately 1.2m and 3m-height and topped (in places) with newly-planted hedgerow plants. At the time of the site visit, the copse also contained pallets of firewood, piles of sawdust, and piles of sheet and other materials.

The site was located within the open countryside, and was accessed by narrow, rural roads. The majority of surrounding land is in agricultural use, but the site’s immediate surroundings also contain dwellings, farm buildings and a business processing and selling firewood.

Full planning permission was sought for the siting within the copse of four static caravans to be used as holiday accommodation. The caravans will measure approximately 12m x 4.25m in plan, and the Supporting Statement which accompanies the application includes a photograph showing an “example of the type of caravan proposed”. The caravans will be placed on stone or gravel bases, and will be located at least 10m apart. Vehicular access to the site will be provided from the unclassified track which follows the site’s northern boundary. The access will lead to a gravel or stone-surfaced parking area within the site (providing at least 4 spaces) from which pedestrian accesses to the caravans will be provided. A 3m-high acoustic timber fence will be provided within the bund on the site’s eastern boundary (onto the A16).


Mr. Crust addressed the meeting as the agent for applicant, and in the first instance clarified that whilst he had submitted additional information in respect of comparable sites, the information had not been circulated.  Members were advised he was asking for parity of decision making using the same Council policies.  The application site had had two successful applications both for industrial purposes with no conditions attached for transport assessment, however the application site had to have a traffic assessment but there are been no objections. The site could be used for parking HGVs’ or could be cleared felled and the current application was betterment of the site.  Four similar applications had all been recently approved in the same area. The site was close to Frampton Marsh and accessible by cycling without using any major roads.  Local business were nearby including the Farm Shop and Thatched Cottage at Sutterton both within easy reach of the site.  Noting the concerns of the Parish Council, Mr. Crust stated that competition should not be a consideration in planning determination.

With concern noted by a member at the supplementary information not being provided, the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 156.



Full Planning Permission


Change of use from B2 to Sui Generis (Auction House)


Warth Park, Unit 4, Sea Lane, Butterwick, Boston, PE22 0EY

Additional documents:


Change of use from B2 to Sui Generis (Auction House)   

Warth Park, Unit 4, Sea Lane, Butterwick, Boston PE22 0EY

Mr David Smith, Pilgrim Auctions


The Planning Office presented the report confirming it had been called to committee by the former Councillor Judith Welbourn for the following reasons:

§    Policy 30 – impact of noise on the residents located to the west of the application site; and

§    Policy 36 – Concerns regarding parking and highway safety.


The application site was unit No.4 of Warth Park, Sea Lane, Butterwick. It consisted of a small section of an existing building on the western boundary of the site and an area for car parking to the north of the site which would provide access onto Watery Lane.   There were residential properties within the immediate proximity of the site along the surrounding highway network. Unit 3 formed part of the same building and was a vehicle repair and MOT test centre and a parcel of land to the north was currently used for the storage of caravans.    The current use class of the site (unit 4) was B2 and it was proposed to change the use of unit 4 to Sui Generis to provide an Auction House.

This application was solely for a change of use and no internal or external building works were proposed.

The proposed hours of opening were 8:00 to 18:00 Monday to Saturday and closed on Sunday and Bank Holidays, which included for collections and deliveries.


Representation was received from Mr. Anthony Channing in objection to the application which included:


Confirming he had resided in Butterwick for seven years Mr. Channing advised his residency was directly opposite the application site.  He noted that the initial business on the site had caused little noise disruption; the second business which was a Fiberglass Co had caused some issues which had been resolved quickly but the current business owned by Mr. Smith had increased in noise disturbance.  There was a lot of parking all over Sea Lane and across the verges but Mr. Smith had put cones out to stop parking and to keep his driveway clear.  On the day of the auction the noise from the outside part of the auction could be heard indoors by Mr. Channing who advised it was only one day a week and for about an hour and a half.  Further concerns were voiced in respect of the number of people at the outside auction who spilled onto the road and Mr. Channing suggested moving the outdoor auction to a site inside the industrial estate.  He voiced further concern as tractors and HGV’s travelled along the road and the parking issues included parking on Upsall Road resulting in residents not getting their own parking spaces.  Referencing existing planning rules Mr. Channing stated he understood that Mr. Smith had breached them by being on the site on a Sunday at 1130 when we was seen unloading a vehicle.  The following day which had been a bank holiday  ...  view the full minutes text for item 157.



Full Planning Application


Proposed two storey dwelling for an essential worker


Lincolnshire Firewood & Coal, The Plantation, Rowdyke Road, Wyberton, Boston PE21 7AQ


Additional documents:


Proposed two storey dwelling for an essential worker          

Lincolnshire Firewood & Coal, The Plantation, Rowdyke Road,                                   Wyberton, Boston PE21 7AQ


The Planning Officer presented the report and confirmed it had been called to committee by Councillor Austin on the grounds of environmental sustainability and in support of the expansion of a local business.

The proposal was for a two storey dwelling for an essential worker for Lincolnshire Firewood and Coal on Rowdyke Road in Wyberton. The application site consisted of a section of land located on the northern side of Rowdyke Road in Wyberton which was within the countryside. The site was located within the ownership of Lincolnshire Firewood and Coal which consisted of various industrial buildings and biomass boilers. The site was located to the west of Holly Lodge. Access would be taken from Rowdyke Road via an existing access which runs down the side of Holly Lodge. The site was located within Flood Zone 3

The relevant history of the site was noted as follows:

B/16/0440 - Application under s.73(a) to vary Condition 1 on planning approval B/14/0038 to enable Holly Lodge to be occupied by any employee of Lincolnshire Firewood and Coal. Approved 24th February 2017.

B/15/0252 - Application under Section 73 for the removal of condition 4 of B/08/0491 (i.e. agricultural habitation condition). Refused 8th September 2015.

B/14/0038 - Application for the variation of Condition 4 attached to permission B/08/0491 (Four bedroom house with detached garage) to allow for additional occupants of the dwelling. Approved 1st April 2014.

B/08/0491 - Four bedroom house with detached garage. Approved 17th October 2008.


Representation was received by the agent and the applicant which included:


Mr Giles Crust addressed the meeting and pointed out that there were two omissions from the report tabled.  The first being a new residential property as pointed out by the planning officer which was Holly Lodge.  Since approval of that application the business had quadrupled and the company had implemented a strict no lone working policy. The second application missing was for the shed at Rowdyke road. The house within the application would not be seen in open country side as it would be between the hedge and next to the shed which was the same size as the house 30ml x 18m w x 9mh.   No objections had been received from  Parish Council.    Mr Evan Jenkins addressed the meeting and said it was essesntial they had people to maintain the site at night,  the staff come to the yard and it was a ten minute job to regulate the kilns and that is why housing was provided on site. Mr Jenkins advised he lived on the site and took his turn in regulating the kilns but he needed to have other staff on site to ensure that somebody was always in attendance. .


Councillor Richard Austin the Ward Member made representation to the committee which included:

Lincolnshire Firewood was a sustainable, thriviing and expanding business and the deciion by committee today would have an effect  ...  view the full minutes text for item 158.